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May 30, 2007
Petrie's reputation on the line

Question: Why is Geoff Petrie the teflon man? We blame everybody but him. He assemblies the losing team. What is the reason for his immunity?
-- Desmond Joly, Davis

Answer: The reason is a track record that still has far more success than failure, but this summer is key when it comes to - as you said - his teflon texture. This team is in dire need of revamping, not to mention the importantace of the coaching hire. Adding to the equation is the fact that the Maloofs are less involved than in years past and the future is in Petrie's hands.
-- Sam Amick

Question: Any possibility that the Kings move up in the draft to grab either Brandon Wright or Al Horford in that 3-6 range? Either would fill the Kings' needs admirably and also be the BPA at that pick as well.
-- Jerrel Mills, Louisville, Ky.

Answer: Sure it's possible if, as Geoff Petrie always says, it makes the team better. Getting Horford wouldn't be getting Greg Oden, but it could come with instant impact. The thing with the Kings is they have so many pieces on the roster that they're willing to deal that the possibilities are many.
-- Sam Amick

Question: How about the idea of trading Atlanta's No.3 overall pick for Mike Bibby, and let's get one of the big Gators from Florida? We all know that Atlanta needs a playmaker. This should get their attention.
-- Arnold Cadag, Calamba

Answer: I would think Atlanta would go younger than Bibby and just go ahead and take Michael Conley from Ohio State for a PG. He'll come a bit cheaper than Mike's $28 million for the next two seasons.
-- Sam Amick

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