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June 24, 2007
Bring back 'Coachie!'

Question: Hey, Sam, is there a chance of Reggie Theus bringing back Pete "Coachie" Carrill as an assistant or even as his lead assistant, or is he officially retired? When I hear Reggie looking for a veteran who has been an assistant, with no aspirations to be a head coach, Coachie came to mind since he did spend six years under Rick Adelman. Also, what other names are you hearing Theus might be looking at, or if you could come up with names he might consider?

Michael, Stockton

Answer: I actually spoke to Coachie, as he's called, and he would like to come back but wasn't sure if it would happen. I also heard Ron Artest is pushing for Indiana assistant Chuck Person, who has been working out Artest at the Pacers' practice facility this summer and was with Indiana with Artest. There might be a member of Theus' New Mexico staff coming to join him, and a possibility that Clay Moser - who was an advance scout and assistant for the Kings last season and remains under contract - could be retained.

- Sam Amick

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