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June 27, 2007
Hey, Sam, what do you think about Reggie Theus' hiring?

I say give Reggie Theus a chance. Sam, may we have your thoughts on his being hired as Kings coach? Thank you.
--Ron, Woodbridge

Reggie could be a good fit, but I have two problems with what led to his hiring.
1.) The process: Why make such a big deal about the coach being Geoff Petrie’s decision only to have such a strong Maloof influence throughout the process? Both of the coaching searches these last two offseasons have had way too much PR spin for my taste.

2.) The selling points: Only the Maloofs and Petrie know how much stock they put in Theus’ history with the organization, his personal flair and the general marketability of his persona, but they could regret it if there was a heavy premium placed on those assets and Theus’ coaching is suspect. What’s more, there was a strong message that Theus’ two seasons as a head coach separated him from the pack, which makes little sense to me. So Scott Brooks and Brian Shaw have spent numerous seasons on NBA benches under the likes of George Karl and Phil Jackson, respectively, and are in touch with the modern day’s pro game, but Theus running a mid-major program for two seasons despite his last NBA experience taking place 16 years ago is more worthy? Not to mention the added edge Brooks had of having a positive history with this Kings roster. It doesn’t add up.

Reggie, though, has all the confidence in the world that he will flourish in the position, and I do believe he will be able to relate to today’s NBA player in ways Eric Musselman could only dream of. On personality alone, he’s made me a believer in June - we’ll see how things are next April.
-- Sam Amick

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