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June 16, 2007
Let's just hire Larry...

Question: I say we should hire Larry Brown and add Scotty Brooks to the lineup and get it over with. Brooks could learn more with coach Brown. Plus, the team feels good with him around and it will help Brown. What do you think?

- Raul, Fresno


Two questions that must be answered...

1) How many years does Larry want? Because your team is in a transition mode and because of Brown's health history, you don't want to get tied to him for too long. I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings tried to convince him to take a one-year deal.

2) How much money does he want?

Considering he's banked some $40 million in the last few years from his Detroit and New York contracts, you've got to figure he gives the Kings a major discount. Plus, they have the leverage since he so desperately wants back in the game and there are only two spots open.

As for Kings assistant Scott Brooks being Larry's guy, that could be a nice mix. I'd assume Kings assistant Brendan O'Connor would be on the staff, too, since he was under Brown in New York previously and maintains a good relationship with him.
-- Sam Amick

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