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June 16, 2007
What about that draft pick?

Question: Do you know which man the Kings are leaning towards with the upcoming draft pick? Have you heard anything regarding any talks Kings are having in regards to trading Mike Bibby or Ron Artest?

- Julie, Lodi

As for the draft, I get the feeling they'll snatch up Chinese big man Yi Jianlian if he falls that far. He was impressive in his Los Angeles workout on Wednesday. Otherwise, they seem to be very high on University of Washington center Spencer Hawes, Florida State forward Al Thornton and possibly Florida forward Joakim Noah - although he canceled his Friday workout with the Kings. Another unlikely freefall who would be quickly nabbed is Ohio State point guard Michael Conley.

On the trade front, it appears Bibby is more likely to be moved than Ron, but both are available. And in both cases, Kings hoops prez Geoff Petrie will not be had and will be plenty stubborn to get fair value in return.

Cleveland and Dallas remain possibilities for Bibby, and I'd put Miami atop the Artest list. Because of the Maloofs-Rick Adelman history, I just can't see the Kings sending Ron or Mike to Houston just to watch the familiar pieces recreate the success of the 2005-06 Kings team with the help of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

- Sam Amick

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