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June 30, 2007
What can Hawes bring to the Kings?

Q: I have been a die-hard Kings fan since the days of Mitch Richmond. I have always had faith in Geoff Petrie's rosters moves, but after Thursday night's draft pick, I don't anymore. What, if anything, can Spencer Hawes bring to the Kings? From what I have read, he can't block shots or rebound, and his defense is weaker than France in both world wars. I can safely say I will not be buying tickets this season.

- Adrian Slade, Rancho Cordova

A: I'm starting to find it ironic that Hawes came into Sacramento espousing his affinity for the Kings' days of old.

Why? Because his new fans agree wholeheartedly, and their longing for something to cheer about in this down time is much of the reason - in my opinion - that so many folks seem angry about the pick.

There was a lot of hope entering Thursday, and it wasn't just from the fans. The Kings were hoping to begin the official roster shakeup, but trades didn't materialize, and draft day ended with an old-fashioned first-round draft pick. For now, that was a whole lot of false hope.

- Sam Amick

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