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July 16, 2007
Garnett goes camping in Sac

Kevin Garnett is coming to Sacramento.

Not the Kings, mind you, because that sort of mega-trade just might warrant a bit more response than a blog entry. But the Big Ticket from Minnesota is the big ticket item in Mike Bibby's fantasy camp that starts on July 23.

Technically, Garnett is headed for Rocklin, where he and an All-Star cast of others will take part in what is easily the most star-studded lineup at a camp I can remember. The site is the newly-built Hardwood Palace, and the others include Bobby Jackson, Amare Stoudemire, Deron Williams, Stephen Jackson, Baron Davis, Richard Jefferson and undetermined Kings players.

But don't forget about Drew Gooden and a bit of irony, as the Cleveland forward was close to joining the Kings in a three-team deal last week in a trade that would have sent Bibby to the Cavaliers.

It will conclude Gooden's tour of all things Kings, as he spent part of this week chatting with team co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof at a summer league game at UNLV and even spent much of Thursday lounging at the pool at the Maloofs' Palms Casino Resort.

It only seems fitting that on the web site promoting Bibby's event - - he is wearing a white jersey with no logos or team names attached.

Contrary to my previous post, the Kings point guard doesn't look destined for Cleveland after the Kings' signing of former New Jersey big man Mikki Moore and the notion of him starting the season in Sacramento is more likely. Conceivably, any deal involving Bibby now would have to be for a point guard since the Kings are overloaded with forwards and none of the youngsters are anywhere close to ready to run a team.

- Sam Amick

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