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July 26, 2007
It always comes back to Game 6

Q. Has there ever been any doubt of NBA game fixing? Albeit, the 2002 Kings/Lakers Game 6 may have been the most blatant example, haven't practices like home court calls, favorable treatment of stars, and the punishing of agressive players (Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest) been part of the NBA for decades?

John Moore
Hanalei, Hawaii

A. Yeah, but it's quite a lethal leap from the sort of unwritten rules you mentioned to a Sopranos-style fix job more in line with the Black Sox scandal in baseball.

In general, fans are forgiving because of the human factor. If a particular ref has it out for a certain player, then that's just how it is. If a ref gives into the screams of nearly 20,000 and gives the home team a crucial call, that's going to happen. But cheating the game for one's own personal gain is a different kind of disgrace.

-- Sam Amick

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