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July 4, 2007
Theus takes Kings business to the suites

Question: On my way past the Embassy Suites after the River Cats game Tuesday night, I spotted Bobby Weiss (Remember him? His last coaching gig was with the Sonics) talking to Reggie Theus. It was about 10 p.m., and they were outside, possibly having a job interview. Might Weiss be the future Kings chief assistant? Would this be a good move for Reggie and the Kings? Is there anyone else that has surfaced, as far as you know?

Frank Horowitz, Sacramento

Answer: Well this is a first for this forum - fans breaking news! Your timing is uncanny, as I received a call late Tuesday night saying Weiss was getting a look from Theus to be the lead assistant. So that's a confirmation, all the way down to the interview site. As the public was made aware when Stan Van Gundy bolted out of the Embassy Suites en route to take the Orlando job, that hotel is a favorite for Kings business.

- Sam Amick

Question: I read today where the Mavericks are interested in Gerald Wallace. What are your thoughts on the Kings leaving him unprotected in the expansion? Should the Kings have kept him? Why didn't they?

Melissa, Grass Valley

Answer: At the time, he was an end-of-bench youngster who wasn't getting much run from former coach Rick Adelman. The team was nowhere close to thinking about building for the future, although plenty wish they would have been in Wallace's case.

It seems pretty obvious they didn't know what they had, with the talk at the time about the then-teenager's lack of work ethic and focus. The unanswered question about Wallace is whether he can produce anywhere near this level on a winning team. And who knows, maybe he's on his way back.

Kings basketball prez Geoff Petrie said this week that he had called regarding the top four or five free agents on the market and the possibility of a sign and trade, which would definitely seem to include Wallace.

- Sam Amick

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