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July 28, 2007
Yes, a couple of years...

Q: Hey Sam, being a guy that lives in the North Bay Area, I am stuck hearing about the Warriors because that is who is covered locally. My question is, what are the biggest areas of concern for the Kings? I didn't get to watch many Kings games last year, and they stunk when I did watch. Any hope of putting together a decent club in the next couple of years?

- Miguel Lopez, Healdsburg, CA

A: The qualifier in the question says it all Miguel - "in a couple of years." Even if Mike Bibby and Ron Artest weren't traded in the next two seasons and Artest didn't opt out next offseason (as I think he'll do), then the Kings will get roughly $23 million off the salary cap between those two guys. Kings hoops prez Geoff Petrie is looking two years down the road, hoping to add young and promising pieces before then and maybe land a deal in the interim that makes cap room even sooner while also providing building pieces. Petrie will build a contender if he can find flexibility.

The consensus, though, is that the waiting game for that time to arrive could be a slow and painful one for Kings fans.

-- Sam Amick

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