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August 9, 2007
Which bigmen will get most of the playing time?

Question: Who do you think will get the majority time at the 4 and 5 spots with the overload (the Kings) have now? Let's count 'em down: Mikki Moore, Shareef, Corliss, K9, Justin Williams, Spencer Hawes and Brad Miller. Who'll play what, and for how long?
- Kameron, Roseville

Answer: I don't have a purple crystal ball, but it's certainly going to be competitive. For starters, I get the feeling Reggie Theus is going to have high demands of Brad Miller and not be afraid to call him out, nor will he be afraid to give the hungry young guys extensive playing time if they're producing. Meanwhile, Thomas and Abdur-Rahim know they didn't have great seasons in 06-07 and you know their pride is bruised a bit. The wildcard will be Moore, who can either prove that last season in New Jersey wasn't - as so many have said - a one-hit wonder or take the easy road and roll in all that cash he landed.
-Sam Amick

Question: I know a lot of questions surround Mike Bibby and Ron Artest, but I would like to know about the status of our - not so powerful - power forwards. Does it look like they are going to stay?
Jim M., Sacramento

Answer: Jim, it is looking like they're going to stay. Neither Kenny Thomas or Shareef Abdur-Rahim would mind being traded to a better situation, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Thomas' deal makes him hard to move, as he will make nearly $8 million this season (more than Ron Artest) and is coming off a rough season. If they do indeed stay, Thomas is the first who could go on his own accord, as he has an early termination option after this coming season.

The best chance to move Abdur-Rahim seems to have come and gone already, as Chicago was looking for a veteran post presence but never got a deal done with the Kings.
-Sam Amick

Question: Are the Kings going to get Kevin Martin signed to a new multi-year contract or is that important to them? Do think they will just let him go too?
Rick Young, Houston

Answer: If I'm looking ahead, I say a five-year extension probably gets done that locks Martin up as one of the building blocks of the next era. I don't expect anything to get done, however, until maybe sometime in September.
-Sam Amick

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