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September 13, 2007
Go, Speedracer, go! We have a winner in Martin nickname contest

Alas, I have returned to conclude the Kevin Martin nickname game. To the one naysayer in the bunch who found this mini-event sophomoric - Jim in Sacramento, you know who you are - it's the offseason, so cut us a break, would ya?

This is a one-man voting committee, so feel free to dispute or agree with the results.

Drum roll please ...

"Speedracer" - Credit Tom Ziller of

Think "The Chosen One" (LeBron James), "Starbury" (Stephon Marbury) or "The Matrix" (Shawn Marion). Names that define a guy's persona and just fit. Martin isn't just fast, he's "Speedracer" fast, both off the dribble and especially going end-to-end.

It's that sort of speed that has resulted in one of his signature moments (the buzzer-beating pretzel layup against San Antonio in 2005 playoffs). The best part is there is a backstory to the name that doesn't need to be known for the name to work, that being the tie-in to the Martin story I wrote when he was a rookie (read below). It works on its own and has some depth in meaning, which I like.

The runner-up in terms of using the speed theme goes to Mr. Ghymoney (his on-line name) for his entry of "Blur Light Special (playing off K-Mart name) and another quality idea from Ghymoney of "Quik Mart."

But with "Speedracer", the comic book aspect fits in with Martin's relative youth and - here's the capper - the little guy's helmet has an "M" on it. It comes with a catchy little diddy that could be played at Arco for those many Martin moments.

"Go Speedracer, go!"

- Sam Amick

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