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October 16, 2007
On the road again...

Tonight's Las Cruces event being a "home" game and all, it comes with all the offerings of Arco Arena except for the building itself. So as I hit the Southwest terminal for the first of so many times this season, it only made sense that I'd run into the rest of the traveling Kings show. Dancers, announcers Scott Moak and Big Mike,even a Colleen Maloof sighting on the Los Angeles leg bound for El Paso, Texas.
Las Cruces might be a bit more like Las Vegas for this short stay (although, sadly, Eva Longoria was seen at LAX but was left behind).
The word is there's an event before the game with local dignitaries, not surprising with the family's esteemed name in their home state and the background of Phil Maloof as a former New Mexico senator. Kings coach Reggie Theus will reconnect with his former New Mexico State team, and I am very curious to see how much of the Reggie Nation passion remains.I spoke with Las Cruces Sun sports editor Teddy Feinberg yesterday, and he passed the word that his staff is fired up for this game. The NBA in Las Cruces is a treat on its own, but the Theus reunion brings a whole new excitement - although it's questionable whether the game will sell out.
"He's still a God-like figure here," Feinberg said.
Part of the Theus appeal, clearly, is how he can appeal to so many. He still returns the phone calls of the local writers, not the norm in a world where the making it big-time typically means you big-time the folks you no longer need.
On the court, it could be a rough homecoming for Theus and his squad as Dallas and Dirk may be grumpy after being asked to play so far off the beaten NBA path. The best show may indeed be the one off the court.
- Sam Amick

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