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October 5, 2007
Question and Answer time!

It’s been way too long since I answered questions in here, so let’s start catching up…

Question: Why is everybody so quick to have an opinion about Mike Bibby's "D" when Brad Miller couldn't block a shot if (his life) depended on it? Bibby is the best point guard you are going to get. Any point guard (Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, Chris Paul) that you consider to be better then Bibby, WILL NOT be traded away from their teams. They're there to stay. Miller, on ther hand, (stinks). Parker, TJ Ford, Paul have no fear what so ever when they see Miller waiting for them in the Key. Why not trade Miller? – Dawud McKinney, Sacramento

Answer: Money makes the world go round, Dawud. Bibby’s monstrous contract ($28 million over the next two seasons) is tradable because a) he can opt out after this season or at least come off the books in 2009 and b) his floor value remains much higher than Miller’s. Brad, meanwhile, comes with three more seasons at a bit less money (approximately $34 million over three seasons) with a greater danger of deterioration.
Remember that before Brad came into camp looking so svelte, he was a 7-footer who carried more weight than he should have and was coming off his worst season since coming to Sacramento in 2003.
Also, Miller’s strengths (passing and offense) make him a niche fit and limit the trade possibilities that might be there if he was a bruising, banging, scoring big man. I do agree, though, that people aren’t giving Bibby his due as far as what he can still do. He’s far from done in this league and could absolutely erupt if he’s both healthy and put in the right situation.

Question: Who's going to start between Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Kenny Thomas? – Efeezy, Maine (a big-time Kings fan who moved away)

Answer: My guess? Neither. The talk and feel around new addition Mikki Moore makes me believe he could very well be the starter. I haven’t seen him much, so I’m simply reporting the impressions of others, but there is positive talk about his skills on both ends and – interestingly – a tangible value being attached to his personality and on-court demeanor. New coach Reggie Theus is paying heavy attention to chemistry, and that could mean more minutes for Moore. Kenny will definitely be pushing to hold onto his spot, though, and Abdur-Rahim (recovering from right knee surgery in late-June) may not be ready to roll until late in the preseason (Blog update: looking like the regular season now).

Question: What is the future of our point guard position? – Arnold, Mandaluyong City, Phillipines

Answer: For now, Mike Bibby is your starter and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether the backup becomes Quincy Douby, Orien Greene, Mustafa Shakur or maybe even a heavy dose of swingman Francisco Garcia at the point. I’m curious to see if Bibby gets on board with Theus. He may be traded sooner rather than later if he doesn’t, and I can’t help but think that might not be exactly what Mike wants.

Question: Looking at the uncertainty about who the back-up point guard is going to be, and the logjam at power-forward, do you see any surprises happening concerning who makes the final roster? – Anthony, Sacramento

Answer: As I touched on today, I think the big man battle is one to watch. During summer league, I sensed that Justin Williams really needed to continue impressing the organization and – most importantly – continue improving in order to survive. The good news for Justin is it sounds like he’s doing just that. Still, the intrigue of Darryl Watkins is that he could be a very serviceable big man with a great NBA body that you just can’t teach. Or who knows, maybe the shocker comes when late camp invite Rashid Byrd is the one who remains!

Question: Hi Sam. Just one quick question. How many games will Ron Artest sit out due to the trouble he got into with his wife? – Ron, Woodbridge

Answer: Ron will be out seven games, although he appealed that ruling and is hoping it gets shortened. It likely won’t, though.

Keep the questions coming, folks...

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