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October 2, 2007
Rough start for Hawes (and media day madness)

Before the endless funny stuff at media day, there's the less-than-lighthearted news that rookie Spencer Hawes is having knee trouble (since I just spoiled tomorrow's Kings notes, then check out which other big man will be sitting out). The Kings rookie and No. 10 draft pick out of Washington tweaked his left knee doing conditioning last Thursday, had an MRI on Friday and won't be practicing on Tuesday. As for the long-term recovery outlook, more should be known in coming days but the MRI was inconclusive.
It's far from Greg Oden staring at microfracture surgery, but it's enough to have folks within the organization holding their breath for more info. Numerous folks told me he was hobbling pretty badly, although I missed him and didn't witness it with my own eyes.
Now as for the circus that is media day, there were plenty of shenanigans to be had. Among the many was Ron Artest adding to his eclectic history of personal footwear. The slim and strong small forward (dropped 14 pounds to 246 and is ripped) hit the practice facility floor in low-top Chuck Taylors. They were black and not nearly as zany as the painted-on hi-tops from his Jan., 2006 Kings debut in Boston View image
or some of his other offerings, but worth a chuckle nonetheless.
Adding to the unorthodox feel, the Maloofs showed up with a terrier in tow (or some sort of tiny yapper dog) that became the first to truly run the floor under Reggie Theus' reign. Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie was sporting a new goatee he says could be "here today, gone tomorrow," which is the opposite of a much talked-about Theus portrait.
Kudos to Channel 13 "Sports Show" producer Jason Maloney for bringing comedy to the affair. On his own, Maloney is comedic as a Chris Farley look-a-like , but he had a golden idea to bring an old-school Theus picture to get player reaction. This isn't just any picture, but a Coach Bill Fuller meets Baywatch sort of look that had guys in stitches.
"Please tell me that's not Reggie," Kevin Martin said when shown. "He looks like Rick Fox."
(Blog update: this wasn't the first time that picture was poked fun at)
For a more up to date look at the new guy and his thoughts on this season, check out this video from a recent Bee photoshoot.
Speaking of Martin, the fourth-year shooting guard took plenty of business from his teammates for his new five-year, $55 million extension and raised status. As he wandered into the facility, he found towels laid down as a red carpet of sorts to his locker. Asked who gave him the hardest time about his recent riches, he pointed to Mike Bibby.
"That's all I heard for the first five minutes," Martin said. "It was the normals - the Mikes, the Mikes again, then the Mikes again.
"(But) I know what the expectations are, and I put a lot of pressure on myself. You could say it's a little different (this year), but it's just all basketball."
As a bit of a teaser, camp invite Rashid Byrd is an interesting story who I'll talk more about later this week in the paper. Among other things, the 7-foot-1 big man is a former And1 player who was known as "Seven and Sum Change." Judging by this clip, he should be called "Seven and Sum Change and a Whole Lot of Hops." Not quite as clever, though.
(Blog update: Here's the piece and a disturbing look at the new Will Ferrell movie Byrd is in)
- Sam Amick

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