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October 19, 2007
The Miller melee reviewed (and a verdict)

Still no word yet on whether Dallas swingman Josh Howard will be suspended for his backside bashing of Brad Miller's head.
Mike Bibby, though, was quick to point out that things might (OK, who are we fooling...things would) be handled differently if Kings small forward Ron Artest was involved.
"I just know if it was Ron...Don't give nobody no special treatment," he said.
Bibby and Kenny Thomas were the ones coming to Miller's aid, with Kings assistant Chuck Person putting the grapple hold on Howard while Artest steered clear of the fray.
"I knew Brad's not really too much of a fighter, so I had to make sure and protect Brad a little bit," Bibby said. "I was trying to get in there. Kenny was there before me, I was right behind Kenny just trying to make sure nothing got out of hand since it was only a preseason game."
Artest, however, applauded Howard's decision to defend his teammate - even if he ran 40-plus feet to do it.
"That's his guy," Artest said. "You don't do that in the street, and he's hood too. You've got to respect it. I respect it."
BLOG UPDATE: The league handed down a two-game suspension on Friday, meaning Howard will miss the Oct. 31 opener at Cleveland and Nov. 2 at Atlanta. His official return? The Mavs home opener on Nov. 3 against...the Kings. Intrigue already.

- Sam Amick

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