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October 3, 2007
Waiting and wondering

Aside from the Reggie Rules, training camp has been pretty ho-hum so far. And as I see it, the most relevant topic to watch is the situation with Spencer Hawes.
Mr. No. 10 pick will have a second MRI taken on Friday, one that includes dye being put in the knee for a closer look and can only make me wonder how this plays out. This next step is per request from his personal doctor in Seattle, who chose this route after looking at the first MRI.
For what it's worth, I witnessed during summer league how he can wear his emotions on his sleeve. But judging by Hawes' reaction, there shouldn't be too much cause for concern among Kings fans as he's generally been optimistic and doesn't appear to be losing sleep over the injury.
But I'm still grasping the fact that he had microfracture surgery at 14 because a) the M-word is just bad news on so many levels and b) Hawes has said this injury is unrelated and it's been more than five years since that happened. Fuzzy for now.
So while we wait, it should be noted that Hawes dropped his first intellectual tidbit today. Known as a well-educated, politically-opinionated type, he was shooting free throws while listening to my babblings about Golden State and its active offseason. From the Nellie saga to harrowing contract talks and/or trade requests from much of the roster, it was the summer buzzkill that followed Bay Area bliss after a long-awaited playoff berth (and shocking series win over Dallas). Anyhow, Hawes' response to my mini-rant was this..."Laissez Faire, man. Laissez Faire. Free market economy."
l hadn't heard that since college history class and certainly didn't expect to be reminded by an NBA rookie. The Purple Politician living up to his name early on.
Talked to Theus more about his road rules. He said he did confer with Rick Pitino on the matter before going forward with the plan, and was well aware that the tactic didn't work so well for his mentor. He wouldn't specify if there would be bed checks at the respective hotels, but seemed confident word would get out if guys don't adhere.
For the record, Theus by no means offered this information. I began receiving calls the morning after the team dinner and asked him about it. It's an important point, I think, because he would come off a bit like a blowhard if he had gone to the media with this. It should also be noted that the cell phone rule is causing more of a stir than the curfew.
Even Aaron Goodwin, the agent who supported Theus in my Wednesday piece, called to clarify that his quote was only in regards to the curfew.
- Sam Amick

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