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November 9, 2007
Hawes to play?

A secret is no more, as word has leaked that Spencer Hawes will likely play a few minutes this evening.
Now, of course, Kings coach Reggie Theus could certainly not play Hawes and then there was no secret to begin with. This does beg the question, though, as to why Theus would be talking about one or two weeks in terms of Hawes' return only to put him out there tonight? They were going to be cautious, to make sure he was ready. It definitely makes the Kings a bit more intriguing in what is their only ESPN game of the entire season, a side benefit if Theus, in fact, has changed his mind.
Hawes certainly isn't going to determine the outcome, and I've been told that we're really talking about just a couple of minutes of playing time here. Nonetheless, good for Hawes if it happens. And truthfully - not that I have one iota of medical expertise - but I had sided with Hawes on this one. He looked great, said he felt great, and pointed out that we were talking about a scope here, not a knee transplant. And as if it needs to be pointed out, the Kings could use some help in the frontline scoring department.

BLOG UPDATE: Spencer had the warm-ups on and everything and was cleared to play, but who knew the Kings would be so competitive there was no time to throw the rookie into the fire? - Sam Amick

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