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November 9, 2007
Martin mania

The backstory on today's Kevin Martin piece is worth telling, so here goes.
So back in June, it was arranged for myself and our photographer, Hector Amezcua, to head for Martin's hometown of Zanesville, Ohio, to work on a profile of the Kings guard who - at that time - was expected to be nearing a long-term extension that would put him in Sacramento for years to come. Hector and I even boarded the plane, but everything changed during our layover in Phoenix. My phone rang, with someone giving a tip about a Kings coaching interview in Las Vegas. The news of the coaching search took precedence over a feature story, and so I was re-routed from Columbus, Ohio to my home away from home in Vegas. Amezcua, meanwhile, went ahead and spent a few quality days with the incredibly-accomodating Martin gathering video and taking phenomenal pictures. Anyways, it's not often that the various types of reporting don't exactly coincide. But five months later, we finally made it work.

There's more Martin mania back in his hometown, where the Zanesville Times Recorder's managing editor is blogging about the hometown boy.

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