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December 13, 2007
Almost out of Boston...maybe

BOSTON - Wireless Internet connections come in handy for all sorts of reasons in the writing world, from breaking news in ASAP fashion to filing stories without having to worry about finding a phone line.
But this is a new one for me, a selfish endeavor, really, meant as much to satisfy my own boredom as it is to - maybe, just maybe - entertain the loyal few. I'm sitting in Row 16, Seat F of a plane in Boston that hasn't moved toward Philadelphia in nearly two hours because the "wintery mix," as our old friend Wyc dubbed it, has turned into a full-fledged snowstorm. And if you've ever wondered what it's like to be shoved inside a cotton pillow, I could tell you.
The locals tell me they fly in these conditions all the time, and so I'll trust them. But I have never done so personally, nor does it seem feasible as I stare out at some three feet of snow covering the runway. The guy inside the crane-operated de-icing machine has been working feverishly for some time now, trying to get all the snow off before the new layer forms.
Anyhow, as for the Kings. Yes, the Kings. That's why we're here. They missed out on practicing today because of the weather. The original plan was to practice this morning in Boston before departing, but they took off early so as to avoid the sort of mess I'm in. The whole hectic situation meant they didn't practice on the other end, either.
So it's off to Philadelphia without preparation, and maybe coach Reggie Theus will ask Kenny Thomas and John Salmons what to expect from the 76ers. They are the last two remaining Kings with any history in the city of Brotherly Love, although only Salmons has real love for the city. He is from there, recently built a house there, and speaks only favorably about his native land. Thomas, on the other hand, doens't appear to be a fan.
As for a quick comment on last night's game, the Kings played better than I expected and really took the Celtics out of their gameplan. They slowed the tempo, frustrated Kevin Garnett, and nearly did enough to make it interesting until the end. I thought the youth of the group that started the fourth quarter really showed through, and this armchair quarterback, err, point guard, would've rather seen the starters out there to stave off what you had to know was a Celtics team about to awake. OK, gotta run here. I'm hearing we may actually head for the frozen skies. - Sam Amick

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