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December 28, 2007
Beach party?!

Greetings from pre-pre game at Arco Arena, where the Kings and Sixers haven't arrived yet but the Kings dancers certainly have.
They're prepping for tonight's festivities on the floor, and what a theme night this is going to be. It is, of all things, "Beach Party night."
Bless that creative marketing department, which has the dance team practicing its summertime grooves while donning sweats because, well, the heater in here hasn't fully kicked in and the temp outside is near freezing. And never mind the sniffling reporter typing courtside and sipping on the coffee as his only means of warming up on the inside.
Speaking of temperatures, I'm wondering if Mike Bibby or Kevin Martin might be a little hot under the collar after coach Reggie Theus put out word that their starting spots might not be waiting for them when they return from injury. Hopefully I can get a better feel this evening. Until then, it's all hula shirts and heavy coats inside this Wintery Summerland. And for what it's worth, Sixers forward Reggie Evans is the first player to take the floor. He's practicing his mid-range jumper, hitting more in the last minute than I can remember seeing him convert in his six seasons. - Sam Amick

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