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December 19, 2007
No Moore...please

UPDATE: Read more in tomorrow's paper, but Mikki Moore apologized to the team this morning for making his comments on Tuesday night. According to Moore, he will likely be fined by the team. Kings coach Reggie Theus said the issue was handled and is over, calling Moore "a great teammate."


OK, so on the solitication of readers who weren't so keen on Mikki's Moore's postgame comments, I'm providing a bit of context that didn't come through on deadline.
First things first, writers don't write headlines. And since I'm the one who talked to Mikki after the game (when he was more than eager to get his message out), I'll go on record saying that he never - as the headline said - blamed the coaching staff for his "slump." And I'm not too sure three games is a slump, anyway. He blamed them for not involving him more in the offense last night - in that one game. He did, however, insinuate that he hadn't been very involved in the past few games, but noted that the finger situation with Beno Udrih was part of that. As for why the coach's (namely Reggie Theus) didn't have a chance to respond, this took place way past locker room time as the team was boarding the bus.
My take is that this all pretty transparent. Just as Udrih had a huge night against San Antonio in his first game against his former team, Moore surely wanted to do the same against the Nets. There were hard feelings there (read below), and those feelings clearly got the best of Mikki shortly after the game's end. I see it as an aberration, something Mikki may do on occasion when he's not sure anyone else is listening. In all, I don't see it as much of an issue. All in all, he is a tremendous team guy. - Sam Amick

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