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December 16, 2007
Odds and ends from the road

It'll be one of those long-but-good days tomorrow (today in this time zone), and I'm hoping there are no hitches in the plan of scheduled events for one reason alone: I've got to get to the Garden.
There's the train ride from DC to New York in the morning, the hotel check-in and quick drive to Kings practice, squeezing time for writing in there somewhere and - hopefully - heading to the Knicks-Pacers game at the ol' MSG on Monday night. It's one of those things that is worth doing on any day, but with the ridiculous amount of drama coming out of Knicks Land this season it's a definite must-see. In a car-crash sort of way, of course.
The subplot to all the well-known storylines is what that world has become for those who cover the team, an existence magnificentally captured by John Koblin of the New York Observer. It's a must-read.


Speaking of must-reads, Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon-Journal and Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer have teamed up on a LeBron James booked dubbed "The Franchise" that was released earlier this month.
It's up to date through the NBA Finals last season, and insiders tell me it's incredibly well reported. And, no, the insiders aren't the writers themselves but some of the folks they write about. It's far from a basketball-only book, with the business history of this one-man corporation as fascinating as what he's done on the floor. You can read the first of five excerpts here and go back as they release the rest.
The writer combination is a good one. Windhorst is the Cavs beat writer, having covered James since high school and followed him all through his rise. Pluto, a columnist, is such a well-respected vet he has his own Wikipedia file. Ironically, James and his Cavaliers will be at the Garden Tuesday while the Kings are facinng the Nets. The Kings will see King James on Jan. 4 in Cleveland. For a much shorter version of James' life, check his latest Nike commercial that just happened to play on TV while I was typing.


I still say someone should've put Brad Miller's dunk from Saturday's loss at Washington on YouTube. Alas, guard Dahntay Jones was the one winning the top play on SportsCenter and getting immortalized on the Internet.

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