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December 2, 2007
The censoring of Rick Adelman

A disclaimer at the outset: I didn't watch last night's game against Houston and former Kings coach Rick Adelman on television, nor did I listen to it on the radio.
But judging from what I was told at the game and the immediate fan feedback this morning, the conclusion seems clear: Rick Adelman wasn't there.
At least that's what the Maloofs wanted you to think. There was a clear directive sent to all in-house media to minimize speaking about Adelman as anything but the opposing coach (I touched on it in today's game story). No acknowledgement of his eight seasons of success, no pregame interviews on TV or radio to discuss the old days, and certainly no Maloofs on hand (they gave their seats away for this one). Fans tell me they could hardly catch a glimpse of Adelman on TV, with his standing ovation not being aired and the style clearly contrasting a Golden State game on Wednesday in which Don Nelson was frequently shown.
And to be clear, this decision was coming from the same ownership that decided not to re-sign Adelman after the 2005-06 season, with the basketball side of the Kings operation more than happy to acknowledge Adelman for his time in Sacramento. Anyone still wondering if the Maloofs still harbor the same hard feelings that had so much to do with their decision to let Adelman go? Didn't think so.

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