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January 28, 2008
C-Webb help the Warriors?

So Marty Mac was onto something after all when he got word that Warriors coach Don Nelson was hanging at C-Webb's restaurant.
His scoop of sorts got the Chris Webber-to-Golden-State rumor going, and now nearly every interested news outlet in the country has someone telling them Webber will likely sign with the Warriors tomorrow.
Now it's time to see if Buzz Braman is right.
Buzz is a well-respected personal hoops coach - and a former NBA assistant - who has been known to help players with their shot and post game, among other things. One of his most high-profile clients for years now has been Webber himself.
I spoke with Buzz recently for a story about how he has been working with Kings forward Kenny Thomas , and distinctly remember him taking a few moments to talk about Webber in the context of Thomas.
The similarity was that both men are filthy rich, with every American right to simply wake up each morning in their bed full of Benjamins and laugh until nightfall comes. But at the end of the day, they are basketball players who want to play ball as long as they can.
Braman was lauding Webber for his work done in the last few months while getting his body in tip-top shape. We'll see for ourselves soon enough, but Braman insisted that Webber is in great shape and his game will be at a high level. Webber's agent, Aaron Goodwin, told me the same thing recently. The Warriors, of course, are the ones who'd better hope he helps more than he hurts here.
Personally, I just can't see how Webber takes these guys to a new level. I get that the bench is short and in need of bigs, but the Warriors just might be the fastest team in the league and Webber - at this stage of his career - is among the slowest. When he signed with Detroit last season, that made sense on paper (which is all we can deal with at this point). His passing could help in their halfcourt offense, and so on. These two teams couldn't be any different.
There is this, though: the Warriors need anyone who can grab a rebound. Andris Biedrins can't grab 26 every night like he did against the Knicks on Sunday, and Webber showed he can still hit the glass while averaging 9.9 in his last full season in Philadelphia (2005-06).
All things considered, it's a heck of a storyline. Will Webber and his old Nellie nemesis end their reunion in tragedy or triumph? Good hoops theatre, if nothing else.


Kudos to the Kings marketing department for making the most of an exciting win at Seattle on Sunday night.
After watching this promo on the team's web site, you can't help but want to head on out to the old gas tank that is Arco Arena. We'll see if it's enough to help their attendance ranking of 25th in the league (13,854 average).


Those Kings fans not enjoying the 19-24 record and perhaps turning their focus to Sunday's Super Bowl in Phoenix should check out Bill Bradley's on-site blog.
With eight blog posts in two days, our sports editor is clearly putting at least one of his beat writers to shame. - Sam Amick

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