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January 10, 2008
Dunkin' Dahntay Jones

Go ahead. Call him a one-trick pony. You just might be the next thing Dahntay Jones is slamming through a rim.
The Kings guard with the thoroughbred physique featured in today's paper can do more than dunk. He defends like the late Johnnie Cochran, gets to the rim whenever he so chooses and certainly gets between the ears of opponents. Remember that Dec. 26 Boston game at Arco Arena, when it took him less than a minute to inspire a meltdown from Tony Allen? The Celtics guard gave Jones a two-handed push to the floor because, well, he couldn't get space any other way. Pressure defense can do that.
All that being said, I'm going to contradict the theme of today's story by providing the best of Dahntay's dunks on the worldwide web. This is why YouTube is so great, because rim-shakers like these should never be lost forever.

1. What a workout - While at Duke, Jones posterizes Nick Vander Laan on the University of Virginia's home floor then does push-ups while his back legs are still resting on the fallen foe. (Jones' dunk is part of a montage in this clip - look for the Duke No. 30)

2. Yao-zers! - Jones does the dunking deed over Yao Ming on Nov. 13, 2006, his highlight helping Memphis beat Houston for a rare Grizzlies win last season.

Quick sidenote: Jones and fellow physical freak Stromile Swift are good friends, and Jones' former Memphis teammate told me on Wednesday that they definitely have a try-to-top-that sort of relationship. Here's the proof.

3. Welcome to Sacramento slam - Four games into his time with the Kings, Jones adds to his repertoire on Dec. 15 at Washington.

And just to mix it up, this clip shows that having hops can help defensively too. - Sam Amick

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