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January 24, 2008
Salt Lake's hotspot

SALT LAKE CITY - When NBA players talk about cities they like visiting for nightlife purposes, this one is either at the bottom of the list or near it.
The complaint? Not enough hotspots.
Crazy talk, I tell ya.
There's a hotspot that's providing some serious entertainment from my hotel window as we speak: a four-alarm fire that has all the locals talking. Now ironically, the blaze that has been going since last night just across the street from the local Marriott (read more here) burned down a nightclub in the process.


It's still going strong a day later, with the damage extensive and the smoke billowing into the already-salty sky. Now that it's dark, you can see the glow of the blaze breathing from the first of three floors. Most of the destruction took place in an abandoned building, and they're now in the process of swinging the ol' wrecking ball against the old brick structure and scrapping the whole site. I wasn't the only one enjoying the show, either, as a walk in the snow-filled area revealed four firemen who had set up lawn chairs in an alleyway to watch the rubble fall.


On the contrary, Los Angeles is supposed to be one of the best cities to have a good time - unless you're Ron Artest on Wednesday night.
A TMZ video has been making the rounds that shows Artest, Justin Williams, and Quincy Douby having a hard time getting into a club. For what it's worth Ron, I would've let you in if it were my club, especially after the hilarious line you dropped in the video about being a beat writer produced by the always-entertaining Elie Seckbach on Wednesday night at the Staples Center. If you want a bit more on Artest's Paparazzi moment, read the bottom item on these Kings notes. - Sam Amick

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