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January 14, 2008
Webber nearly back, too

The difference between Bryan May and I in our recent outings at Chris Webber's restaurant?
He had a microphone in his hand and I had, well, a Hefeweizen in mine.
The outstanding News10 anchor has a quality interview with Webber himself from Sunday in which he says he'll be playing again in two weeks after a looser timeline was set for the Bee's Scott Howard-Cooper in this recent update.
Coincidentally, I ran into Webber at his joint on Saturday night and was hearing more like seven to 10 days. A source close to Webber said the suitors are the Lakers, Detroit, Miami, Orlando and Toronto - with the Magic and Raptors considered longshots. Just speculation here, but among the top three of the Lakers, Pistons and Heat, my money was on the Lakers even before their frontline took a major hit. A decision has by no means already been made, however. Stay tuned on that.
Otherwise, I couldn't help but laugh in the May interview when Webber talks about adding soul food to his restaurant's menu because "the people" had asked for it. Sure enough, one of those people was the Bee's own Marty McNeal, who didn't take long to put in his own request when dining there for the the first time.
It was last year, as myself, Marty, and KHTK's Sean Cunningham ate there and Marty spent a few minutes browsing through the menu. When he was done, he pulled his cell phone out and promptly left a Marty Mac-style complaint on Webber's voicemail about the absence of soul food. Now, as Marty tells me, the specific request is for chitlins. We'll see what kind of pull he has when the new menu is released. - Sam Amick

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