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February 11, 2008
Are you Mile High?

It never ceases to amaze me how egos in media get out of control sometimes.
Today is one of those times.
A Denver TV man made a futile attempt to poke holes in the Ron-Artest-to-Denver coverage we've had recently. The "breaking news?"His Denver source says the two teams haven't spoken in the "10 to 14 days," as if it was reported otherwise.
Well, this was the last reference in the Bee story on the situation from Saturday's paper...
"Sources close to the Denver Nuggets said there remains a possibility of Artest joining Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony in the Mile High City after the two teams had discussions in recent weeks."
Of course, he didn't reference what was actually reported in any way (maybe he was too busy excitedly posting the 39-month-old picture of Artest in the Detroit brawl). And for the record, I first reported they were having discussions on Jan. 31 (and haven't reported any subsequent talks). Hmmm, the timeline seems to add up to me. His source also said the Nuggets would wait until the trade deadline neared to more seriously consider a move. Earth-shattering news as well.
Since anchorman Eric Goodman (who, by the way, is kind of a big deal)

Goodman.jpg Anchorman.jpg

decided to play in the mud, it should be noted that this is the same station that published a Q&A with Artest's agent, Mark Stevens, in which the name of Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie was misspelled. It was originally written as "Jeff" until they apparently changed it. As for where that situation stands, the Nuggets may have played well enough lately to inspire them to stand pat. They've won five of six games, with the only loss in overtime against Utah. They have back to back games against Miami and Orlando starting on Tuesday, then face Boston on Feb. 19 before the deadline comes. Hypothetically speaking, a slide during this time would have certainly played on their decision-making process. There is still some life to the scenario, but stay tuned. - Sam Amick

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