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February 18, 2008
Bibby back on Wednesday

BLOG UPDATE: Contrary to what was written below, the four new Kings may play Tuesday at Portland. It's a possibility at this point, but I should know more after tonight's practice. Because players are still returning from the All-Star break, the team is holding an evening practice before leaving for Portland.


If this writing thing just doesn't work out, I think I may have a future in promotions.
And who knows, maybe I'll just sell out and get hired on with the Kings to raise their 25th ranked attendance. OK, here goes...

"Come out to Arco Arena on Wednesday night, where the one and only Mike Bibby will play with the Atlanta Hawks at Arco Arena! There are only 12,000-plus tickets sold already. And the crazy part is that we (remember, this is the Kings talking) have only sold some 300 additional tickets since the trade went down on Saturday. So please, come welcome the four new Kings and show some gratitude to one of your favorite old Kings out at the old gas tank. To get tickets, the local paper was even nice enough to include a link on the right side of this page to our web site, and they have also recommended a number of other interesting basketball-related web sites you should check out."

Whoops - got a plug within a plug there.
If it wasn't so darn unethical, I'd half expect a check from the Kings for that kind of promo. Nonetheless, it is nothing short of absurd that the schedule fell in this way. And considering the Kings didn't promote the first regular season return of Peja Stojakovic recently, I figured I'd aid their cause.
What's more, it's looking like that will be the debut of Shelden Williams, Tyronn Lue, Anthony Johnson and Lorenzen Wright as well, as they aren't expected to be cleared of physicals and ready to play in Tuesday night's game at Portland. - Sam Amick

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