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February 26, 2008
Lights, camera, action...(Yes, lights too)

MIAMI - We only have a few minutes here before tipoff. But for those who are curious, the lights are on inside American Airlines Arena.
The entire state went dim for a bit earlier today, when a nuclear plant shutdown caused outages up and down Florida. The only evidence I saw of it was the hotel room alarm clock that was flashing when I returned from spending most of the day outside.
That makes me different from Ron Artest, who spent most of the day inside when he missed shoot-a-round this morning because he wasn't feeling well. Of course his absence came with all the local jokes about "South Beach flu," that well-chronicled ailment that makes mornings rough for NBA players who - like the Kings - had an entire night free in Miami leading up to the game (two nights, actually).
Kings coach Reggie Theus reported that Artest is feeling better and will start, although I already had evidence of how Artest was feeling on my own. Long before the game, Artest bound onto the floor while the song "Proud Mary" was booming through the speakers (Tina Turner version). He burst out of the tunnel spinning, then danced around the floor busting a move.
"I do it all baby," Artest said near myself and Jerry Reynolds on the bench. "Offense, defense, dancing."
One quick final note: There's no one here! Seriously, the crowd has got to be less than 40 percent full. Not the scene it was a few years ago, for sure. Then again, you can't blame them. In 27 home games this season, the Heat fans have only gone home happy five times. - Sam Amick

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