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February 10, 2008
The week that was

Brad, Brad, Brad

It was a week full of conspiracy theories, chief among them the notion among some around the league that maybe former Lakers great/GM Jerry West had something to do with Memphis giving away Pau Gasol to Kobe & Co.
But in Sacramento, the king of conspiracy theories centered around Kings center Brad Miller. When Miller's incredible week of play came to a painful end because, well, he had decided to help with the dishes at home, plenty of Kings fans were suspicious.
Coach Reggie Theus even joked that Miller should've come up with a more flattering story than what amounted to, "I was fulfilling my 'Honey-do' list," but Miller said he opted for the truth instead. On Saturday, I finally pressed Miller to reveal the play by play of his accident, and he obliged.
Miller said he was washing a large butcher knife with one of those fuel-injection type of sponges where the soap oozes through the pores, scrubbing to get the last of the grime off the blade. Then, of course, it was as simple as slip, slice, and take a seat for the guy who was playing the best basketball of his career.

K-Mart open every other day

Kevin Martin had a Jekyll & Hyde week like never before.
In losses to Seattle and Golden State, the Kings shooting guard scored five and nine points on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively, hitting just 4 of 26 shots combined in those games. In wins over Chicago and Utah last Saturday and Friday, Martin averaged 26.5 points while hitting 17 of 27 shots.
Disclaimer: Research data taken from more than just the previous week in order to prove a point.

Cross(eyed)-talk among local media moguls

Legendary Kings radio play-by-play man Gary Gerould has missed a handful of games recently, some when he was battling pneumonia and others because of his duties as a race car commentator.
And while Jim Kozimor is a more-than-worthy fill-in, Gerould was sorely missed for more than the typical reasons on Friday at Arco Arena when the Cold War between Koz and Grant Napear heated up in his absence. During a segment dubbed "Cross talk" on the telecast, Grant and his TV running mate/Kings director of player personnel Jerry Reynolds chat with the radio side. Typically, Koz and Grant - who some say haven't spoken unless they absolutely had to in eight years - bend over backwards to avoid conversing during the segment. This time, though, Koz asked Grant a question directly, with Grant remaining silent while Jerry quickly picked up the chatter and the answer after the brief awkward moment. Koz, who broke out laughing as the awkward meter kept rising, ended the segment with a generic parting comment. When he switched back to the radio side, he said, "I'd like to thank Jerry Reynolds for the Crosstalk tonight."
As Theus always says, every locker room has its issues.

Subplot worth mentioning: For those of you who remember seeing that "Crosstalk" but remember nothing about the discourse because you may have been distracted, you're excused.
Two attractive women sitting front row at the game and directly behind Kozimor were being extremely friendly with one another in the background of the shot.

- Sam Amick

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