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February 8, 2008
Web Watch, part deux

A quick note from this morning's shoot-a-round before we get to the online goodies: point guard Beno Udrih is still sluggish from the virus that kept him out of Wednesday's game and Thursday's practice but said he'll play tonight against Utah. He participated in shoot-a-round. And once again, Kings center Brad Miller said he will play after missing one game due to the cut on his right index finger.


Better late than never, the as-promised Web Watch. In what is an ongoing revamping of the Kings blog, this feature will appear every Friday to provide a smorgasbord of comical, interesting, off-beat happenings around the NBA in the previous week.


So someone noticed how outlandish the Pistons pregame introductions are, and gaffled (I love that word) an entire trailer full of pyrotechnics intended for the big show before tipoff at the Palace. I can personally attest to the fact that the fire portion of the theatrics is insane, enough to make you pat down your shirt to make sure no embers fell your way.
Check out the show for yourself.


It's no secret that most Kings fans have fallen for the resident first-year coach, and this clip gives you good idea why.
He runs into a Kings fan at an event and agrees to give a shout-out to the class of this teacher. It's the same sort of presence and charisma he showed at the open practice on Jan. 13, when Theus was miked while directing his team and did so in an entertaining fashion.


As the Kings themselves learned recently, Peja Stojakovic is back.
The former Kings sharpshooter is over the back problems that kept him out for most of last season in New Orleans and is burying long-range looks again. But the Hornets' double-overtime win over the pre-Shaq Phoenix Suns on Wednesday was Peja at his best, finishing with 26 points on 12 of 19 shooting and - here's the surprising part - coming up big in the clutch.
Just for kicks, those of you who still can't past 2002 in your minds can relive the days when Peja did that in a purple jersey here.


If punchlines were worth points, it's Phoenix with the Larry O'Brien bust in its hands at the end so long as Shaq is the one telling the jokes.
While being introduced as the Suns center for the first time, Shaq showed once again how he should do stand-up when his basketball days are over (Courtesy of ESPN's Truehoop).
Below is another old-school example of his humor, although I found the funny in the clip where most of you will not.

And just for historical reference, here's the dunk Shaq was speaking of.


Former Kings coach Eric Musselman has no reason to stay in the public eye, what with his $5 million salary spread over two years paid by his old employer.
But slowly but surely, he's been on the radar more recently. I'm told he's interested in numerous college jobs, but he stopped by Western Illinois to evaluate their team in early January, then made an appearance on the Jim Rome show this week to talk to the media mogul who he's been close with for years. Since the archived interview comes with the $49.95 annual fee, we'll let Tom Ziller of Sactownroyalty share the segment with you.

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