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March 12, 2008
Being Hector Amezcua

His name is Hector Amezcua, and he's more than just an obstacle.
At least three times per Kings home game, I nearly spill my coffee while maneuvering around a squatting Hector on the baseline en route to my seat. That, however, is part of the routine at Arco Arena, where Hector is immersed in this hoops world as he sees it through his lens and it's up to those around him to stay out of his way. And really, it's in all of our best interest.
Let the man work, and he'll produce the same fabulous work you Kings fans have been enjoying for years. As the Kings can attest, passion for the job has everything to do with the final product. Thus, meet our MVP...


So we have no shortage of web traffic - which is appreciated - but you folks seem to have stopped commenting since some hacker shut that feature down for a few days a while back. And unless you simply can't live without those high-brow arguments with NNA at end of each Kings story, then take some of those conversations over this way where you might actually get answers to your questions or, at the very least, be able to share your insights with a little less friction. For starters, how about some feedback on this sort of multimedia presentation that we're trying to provide more often. - Sam Amick

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