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March 11, 2008
Fighting the good fight

Just because the Kings have three days off between games doesn't mean we'll slow down here, as I have some content I've been waiting to share that should help pass the time leading up to Thursday's game against Portland.
As a quick tease, check back tomorrow for an interesting video on the life of being a sports photographer as we look at The Bee's Hector Amezcua. But for today - and with the Trail Blazers on the mind - there is no better starting point than the esteemed web site of Channing Frye.
The Portland forward was one of many folks to weigh in on the news that former All-Star hoopster Kevin Johnson would be running for mayor of Sacramento. But in the process, he took a swipe at Sacramento that can't go unnoticed. It's no breaking news that Sactown is no New York City, but there's no way it's the worst in the league in terms of nightlife. I touched on the subject in this previous blog post . Sports Illustrated even polled most of the league's players on this topic in what could serve as proof, although I don't believe the results have been published yet.
But heck, even Kobe Bryant had a good time when he was out here last week, as the word was that he spent part of his evening at the fine Mexican joint Zocalos on Capitol Ave. If he so chose, he could have walked just down the way to "The Park Downtown," a quality nightlife establishment.
The Thursday game means Portland should be hitting the town on Wednesday evening, and someone needs to step up and show Channing a good time.


Collar 2.jpg

So I finally got to the bottom of the Popped Collar Controversy. After the Kings' win over the Lakers on Sunday, I quoted Ron Artest as saying of his postgame celebration (shown above) that "I wanted one game, to run across the L.A. court and show everybody. (The jersey) says 'Kings.' I wish it said Sacramento."
Readers wondered about his comment, considering the Kings' away jerseys do, in fact, say Sacramento. And truthfully, it hadn't clicked with me that Artest was wearing his warm-up (and not his jersey) until I saw the above picture. Now, of course, it all makes sense. And come to think of it, Artest is the perfect candidate to show Channing around this week if he has that kind of civic pride.
Artest's inspiration behind all of it, to review, was Kobe's celebration after the Lakers win at Arco in which he popped his collar for quite a while after the comeback. (See video here)
As for Kobe's claim that Artest is no different than Puff Daddy, judge for yourself...

Puff 2.jpg Ron 3.jpg

.......Puff ...............vs...............Tru Warier


I love a fighter. Doesn't matter if it's an athlete, a politician, or that kid who keeps hitting back when the school bully has him pinned down and is sitting on his puny little chest (no, that's not a personal anecdote).
And for that fact alone, I now like the folks at
Quite a few weeks back, I decided to remove their web site from our short list of links. The decision was fairly simple, as one glance at the site's home page made you wonder if their systems all crashed back in early November.
There's a recap of the regular season opener in New Orleans, and news links to stories about how the Kings drafted Spencer Hawes and picked up the contract options for Francisco Garcia and Quincy Douby. And they wondered why I didn't want to affiliate our site with that kind of outdated content?
But all that being said, this spirited response on their site was enough to convince me that there's enough passion there to render them relevant.
(BLOG UPDATE: It appears the site's forum that has the response is no longer functioning, which is not good given the context. The response - since you now can't see it - was a whole lot of venom hissed my way for removing the link)
So here's the deal: update your home page, and you're back on. I don't care what you put on it - an Amick dartboard, perhaps? - just nothing that counts as outdated. - Sam Amick

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