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March 19, 2008
Miller joins list of walking wounded (with MRI update)

(That sleeve on Miller's right elbow isn't a fashion accessory after all...)

BLOG UPDATE: Per the Kings' PR department, the MRIs for Beno Udrih and Spencer Hawes were both negative and both players are considered day-to-day.

Just got back from the doctor's office, err, Kings practice.
Kings center Brad Miller is questionable for Friday's game at San Antonio due to bursitis (joint area inflammation) in his right elbow, while point guard Beno Udrih (lower back strain) and rookie center Spencer Hawes (left mid-foot strain) are both having MRIs taken today to ensure there isn't further damage, respectively. There should be MRI results later today.
All three being question marks would typically open up playing time for the never-used Kenny Thomas, but he has soreness in his right knee that is keeping him from hitting the floor for the first time since Jan. 2. Speaking of which, I continue to receive questions about Kenny and have no further answers than I did when I wrote this piece in mid-January about his situation. As Kenny himself always says, it is what it is.
I've also received a good amount of inquiries about why Artest was so chippy early on in Tuesday's game. And as I noted before, I didn't know of a backstory or context and still don't. That being said, it should be noted that Artest - whose injuries and occasional absences are so often met with skepticism - was the one playing despite right knee soreness and a stiff right elbow yesterday. Such is life when you are such a big piece of the overall puzzle.
As for why he was so edgy so quick, my only point was that he essentially started the game looking like an agitated man. This wasn't a game's worth of goings on that led to a breaking point. It was frustration coming from elsewhere. Where? Who knows.

* Matt Barnes, aka "Sactown's Finest," made his first trip to Arco Arena since the Golden State forward's emotional trip home on Nov. 28. His mother, Ann, had succumbed to cancer the day before. As Barnes continues to learn, coming home will never be the same again.
- Sam Amick

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