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March 30, 2008
No Hawes tonight

SEATTLE - Spencer Hawes will miss what could be his last chance to play against his hometown team tonight because of his sprained left ankle, although he may have been able to take part if only he'd listened to his father.
His mother, Lisa, said before the game that his pops, Jeff, had advised the Kings rookie center to sit out on Friday against Washington so as not to risk reinjuring the ankle that he turned against Memphis on Wednesday. Hawes - a Seattle native who played one season at Washington - played anyway, of course, and turned it again early in the second quarter against the Wizards after blocking a Roger Mason layup and landing on Ron Artest's foot.
"I came down and it was the same thing as (the Memphis) game," Hawes said. "To me, they’re just two separate (injuries). Ankles are weird when you roll them. It seems like you’ll go a long time and won’t roll them, but then when you roll them it’s like you get a few strung together."
Part of sitting out tonight, to be sure, is to avoid the in-between ground between healthy and hurt that can drive a player mad.
"You can’t start telling yourself you can’t jump and start thinking about it," he said. "That’s how you end up hurting something else. You’ve just got to keep going, keep playing with your instincts and you can’t let it start affecting how you play or the movements that you make....I’m lucky I’m young so I heal pretty quick."
Just not quick enough. - Sam Amick

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