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March 8, 2008
Web Watch (Because 'Kings Watch' is clearly unbearable)

Before we get to the late-night edition (or early morning, rather) of the Web Watch you can expect every Friday (or early Saturday), let me pick up some of the carnage left behind in the Arco Arena media room here. After all, I'm still not far from where Kings coach Reggie Theus roasted his team for its lack of effort in this one.
Specifically, he pointed to the nonexistent interior defense, as the T-Wolves frontline of Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes were slightly overwhelming with a combined 38 points and 20 rebounds. Someone asked Theus if Brad Miller was hurt during his media session, to which he replied with a telling grin, "He's fine."
His numbers are far from fine, though. In what is easily his worst performance in consecutive games since the first month of the season, Miller - who was scoreless against Minnesota on 0 of 3 shooting - has scored seven points and had one block in 59 minutes against Minnesota and the Clippers. He had six rebounds against the Clippers and a team-high eight against the T-Wolves.
Anyhow, back to the much-needed distraction for Kings fans that is the Web Watch...


Not long after the Kings' season began, there was a story in the one of the Seattle-area papers about how the University of Washington players welcomed the opportunity and growth that would come with the absence of Spencer Hawes.
Now that the team is in the midst of a season that has fallen short of their own hopes, isn't it interesting that the tone changed a bit when the Kings rookie center who was drafted No. 10 back in June went to visit his old Huskies teammates.


The Kings will get their first look at the new-look Phoenix Suns on March 15. And considering they are 3-6 since trading for Shaq after leading the Western Conference before the deal, I have no problem patting myself on the back for not seeing how this could work out well. Granted, there were plenty of pundits killing the move, but the evidence is starting to pile up. I feel for Mike D'Antoni, who continues to take the optimistic route in this situation.


Tom Ziller of Sactownroyalty has convinced me to stop using Beno Udrih's nickname of the "Tasmanian Slovenian." He gives many good reasons, but the fact that it's eight syllables is really the clincher.


I'm breaking the Web Watch form here (because there are no links). But with Justin Williams signing a 10-day contract with Houston, here are some thoughts from the former Kings big man and former Kings coach Rick Adelman on his new player. Adelman was gone before Williams arrived, but he could certainly use some frontcourt help in light of Yao Ming's season-ending injury. From the Kings' freefall to a Rockets team that's won a franchise-record 17 straight games? Not bad for Williams.
Quotes courtesy of the Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen...

Williams: “It’s a real big opportunity, getting waived by Sacramento and getting brought in by this organization. I look forward to coming in and helping guys out. I’m going to learn a lot from (Dikembe Mutombo), a guy who played so long in the league. I’m only going to get better playing with him and practicing with him every day.”

Adelman: “What we’re looking for is to see if we can add a fifth big guy. We’re really short (down) there. Outside of (Mutombo), we’re not very big. We’re trying to see if he or anybody can help us up there in case something does happen. We get a chance to get him to work in and find out what he can do. I already saw in one game what he can do. He did it against us (on Feb. 13). He had 12 rebounds in a half. He has the ability to really attack the boards and to be very active defensively. He fronted. He’s always moving. You’re not going to have the perfect big guy who can do it all or you wouldn’t be picking him up right now.”

My oh my how the controversy surrounding Williams in the preseason seems like so long ago.


Chris Kaman was talking just about that night, but he may as well have been referring to much of the Kings' last two weeks of play.
After the Clippers downed the Kings on Wednesday, the center went on a lengthy rant about how bad his team is, calling the win a "toilet bowl game." In more ways than one, his attitude gives credence to Theus' opinion after Friday's game that “teams come in here who are bad and they think we’re a crappy team.” Read his rant here.


The pressure has been on Mike Bibby since he was traded to Atlanta on Feb. 16, with the Hawks desperate for a playoff berth and the point guard expected to lead them there.
But they've lost eight of 11 games since the deal went down, and Bibby's sore foot has only made matters worse. The critics will only get more ruthless if this continues.


Only Ron Artest knows if he'll suit up to face the Lakers on Sunday as he did against them on Tuesday. But just in case he needs a little added motivation, this recap of the night Arco Arena became Staples North should do it.
(Blog update: A Lakers fan from Chico who was at Tuesday's game chimed in to add some context to this video, saying that part of Kobe's anger may have come from a rowdy Kings fan who was yelling 'Colorado!' at him.)

- Sam Amick

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