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March 14, 2008
Weekly Web Watch (From blogger bans to the Shaq show)

We'll keep the blogging short today, lest I write too much and get kicked out of the Dallas Mavericks' locker room next time I'm in there. Which brings us to our first item.
Mavs owner Mark Cuban pulled quite a stunt a few weeks back, booting a Dallas Morning News reporter from his team's locker room because he has instituted a blogger ban. When I read this item, it all made sense. The night of the reporter removal, you see, the Kings were in Dallas.
And while I was in the Kings locker room at the American Airlines Center talking to Shareef Abdur-Rahim about how I'd visited his "Reef House" in Atlanta, he started picking my brain about the world of blogging. His questions were fairly basic, but I found his curiosity a little strange.
Shareef cleared it all up for me at Thursday night's game, telling me how he was doing cardiovascular work near the Mavs' locker room when he saw Cuban inform the reporter that he had to go. Shareef said Cuban was very respectful, but his stance was that 'If I let you in, then I've got to let the 16- or 17-year-old blogger from Indiana' in too.
Needless to say, this media member is established and connected to a major news outlet and Cuban's decision has sparked quite a discussion. The retaliatiatory move didn't take long, and this will be an interesting situation to watch develop.


* When you win 20 straight games like former Kings coach Rick Adelman and his Houston Rockets have, then there's just no reason to not have a good time. So in between continuing the run that no one saw coming - least of all the Maloofs - the teammates of legendary Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo try to perfect his Yoda-like voice in this hilarious clip.

* From Yoda to Gollum, there's Sam Cassell. Back in his Minnesota days, he left Kevin Garnett wondering every time he called a play with his trademark babble.


It's one thing for the media to have a bias in regards to a blockbuster trade. But a teammate? That's just not right.
The Jason Kidd deal actually did involve other pieces, the most significant among them Devin Harris. But not long after the young rising star arrived in New Jersey to join his new crew, his most high-profile teammate, that being Vince Carter, had hardly noticed he was there.


* ESPN's Bill Simmons had a fantastic 'What-if?' story breaking down his top 15 hoops hypotheticals, including 'What if Ron Artest never went into the stands in Detroit?'

* Another Worldwide Leader production: JA Adande catches up with former Kings player and renowned Jazz musician Wayman Tisdale in this piece. I still say Tisdale's saxophone rendition of the national anthem that officially welcomed hoops back to New Orleans at the 2005 regular season opener was the best I've ever heard.

* Melody Gutierrez came through for the masses, catching up with Portland forward Channing Frye regarding his swipe at Sacramento. The short version? His opinion certainly hasn't changed after his latest visit.


For those who missed it, Shaquille O'Neal nearly pancaked a few innocent fans in one game this week and wasn't about to get any help from his teammates when he headed for the stands again in the next game. Can you really blame them?

- Sam Amick

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