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March 21, 2008
Weekly Web Watch (From KG to Donaghy to AI)

SAN ANTONIO - This particular Web Watch is waiting for you long before the final day of another hard work week comes to an end.
So clock in, sit down, and clock out in your head as you click away on some of the more interesting storylines from around the NBA this week...

* Nothing like retroactive retribution to get a downtrodden organization back in the headlines again. Such was the case with the Minnesota Timberwolves this week, as owner Glen Taylor started it all by acccusing Kevin Garnett of tanking at the end of last season and then let his staffers try to to clean up the mess afterward. Garnett took the high road on the topic, but obviously wasn't thrilled to be asked about it after Boston beat Houston on Tuesday.

* With enough salary cap space, the Kings could be among the many teams angling for LeBron James in 2010. This week, however, the pre-, pre-, pre-emptive strikes in this battle reached a new level in New York, where a campaign to raise extra funds for King James is well under way and the closest competition to the Knicks just might be the New Jersey Nets because of his relationship with part owner and James pal Jay-Z. Don't forget, of course, that the Nets may be in Brooklyn the same year James becomes a free agent.

* There is a poster-sized photo in the media room at Arco Arena that is outdated on two fronts. First of all, it shows Kings forward Kenny Thomas flying to finish a layup on the break, which is obviously something we don't see anymore. Secondly, it shows disgraced official Tim Donaghy watching the action in the background. Obviously, much has changed since then. And it only got worse for Donaghy this week, as the wife who vowed to stand behind him when the whole saga became public is now hoping to stand behind a restraining order.

* Longtime NBA scribe Sam Smith is no more at the Chicago Tribune, as he accepted a buyout this week. He's not off the hoops map, though, as he has been writing for and can be found here.

* Who said Philadelphia has bad sports fans? Allen Iverson returned to the Wachovia Center on Wednesday for the first time since being traded to Denver in December 2006 and - according to the legendary Phil Jasner of the Philadelphia Daily News - was shown even more love than Charles Barkley received in his return. Judging by one fan's view, the welcome was warm in every way...

That city wants heart, hustle, grit and some wins to go along with it, and AI could almost always provide that. The story had everything but the perfect ending, as he missed a potential game-winning three as Denver fell.

* Speaking of which, you think the Nuggets wish they'd blinked on the Ron Artest talks yet as they sit 2 1/2 games out of the eighth spot? I do. - Sam Amick

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