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March 28, 2008
Weekly Web Watch

My particular interest in the 'Most Improved Player' award (see previous posts) relates to last season, when the question of whether Kevin Martin or Golden State's Monta Ellis would win the award became one of the few late storylines.
Sure enough, Kevin - who lost out to Ellis - asked me before the Wednesday game against Memphis who should win this year's MIP. Just as he was mentioning the Grizzlies' Rudy Gay and Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge, none other than current candidate and Kings point guard Beno Udrih walked our way.
It was, I have to admit, enjoyable to have the debate over what the award should mean with the players themselves who are part of the discussion in the past and present. Which leads us to this blog post from the Contra Costa Times' Marcus Thompson in which he raised the question of who's better between Martin and Ellis.
Along those same lines, Clippers center Chris Kaman talks about the race in this video clip from Hoopsworld.

* The anti-blogger situation in Dallas has reached some resolution.

* The season of the wardrobe malfunctions continues. First, it was Cleveland's Donyell Marshall a few months ago. This week, it was Erick Dampier dropping his shorts on the Dallas bench...

* Via Truehoop, a comical exchange between league commissioner David Stern and a reporter while discussing preseason games in Europe. The context can be found here.

* The Kings remain relevant on the Fantasy League front, and a couple of gurus break down Spencer Hawes' game and fantasy worth here. In this story, Kings in-house reporter Andrew Nicholson looks at the latest version of the ever-improving rookie center. And finally, ESPN's David Thorpe - who has been analyzing the league's rookie class all season long - has a breakdown of which veterans each youngster should study to improve and Hawes' is a bit different than the rest.

* Considering Kings fans won't see Gilbert Arenas tonight, here's the latest on his continued absence and how he's handled it. I was rather shocked he would share such thoughts on his blog. Kids just don't need to read that.
And while Arenas' blog has long been a must-read, this raises an interesting question: if mainstream media bloggers can be banned from locker rooms, should players in those same locker rooms be banned from blogging? - Sam Amick

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