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April 10, 2008
Beno talks Ron and karma

Four games to go, and the courting continues.
Beno Udrih, future Sacramento Kings point guard? We won't know until July, but everything that takes place from now until that point could come into play in the decision-making process on both sides. Part of the equation will certainly be how Udrih thinks he's perceived by the Kings, and that's where today's story comes in. Udrih's reaction to the doubt he was sensing from within - whether real or perceived - came after he was defending Ron Artest on a similar matter.
The Kings small forward, of course, was roasted on the radio on Tuesday afternoon when he decided not to play against Golden State because of his sprained left thumb. Udrih didn't think that was fair, nor did he think it was right if anyone with the team was questioning him.
“He's fighting for every ball," Udrih said of Artest, "he really puts a lot of emotion in the game. I admire that about Ron. If he’s hurt, he’s hurt. He does a lot of good stuff for us - defense, drawing double teams.
“We’re a team, we have to support each other. You cannot prove a player doesn’t feel pain. And if they don’t (support you)...I think it’s going to come back to you. Somehow, somewhere, some way, it’s going to come back around and get you somewhere else. Maybe not in basketball, but .... karma. Bad karma. But I do believe Ron. He’s hurting, he’s hurting.” - Sam Amick

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