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April 18, 2008

So Kevin Martin read the paper on Thursday, and this was his reaction as printed in Friday's editions.
"I cleared my mind, and I just laughed," Martin said by phone.
Hmmm. I know the feeling.
That was me after hearing today's local sports radio show in the afternoon in which the local pro basketball coach went along with the red-headed host who claimed this beat writer had taken him out of context in this story that led to this story.
As cliche' approaches to attacking print media folks go, that's a good one when said interview can only be found on the paper that refuses no ink. But apparently said radio host who did not attend this media session didn't notice that the interview in its entirety has been available online for two days now. So for those like him who missed it, we present - once again - 28 minutes of raw and uncut context...

- Sam Amick

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