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April 7, 2008
Mikki Moore commercial, Part II (And injury update)

If you haven't been a loyal Kings blog reader and read about Mikki Moore superfan Mark Seier, then do your homework here first.
In that context, the NBA commercial featuring Moore that was released on Sunday essentially captured why Seier is such a huge Moore fan. What's more, the Davenport, Iowa native was good enough to explain his inspiration in a follow-up e-mail he agreed to share about his experience in Memphis with Moore. For the quick Cliff Notes, he had made a drawing of Moore that he gave the Kings player at the Grizzlies game (and was suprised to receive Moore's shoes in return), but lamented the fact that he didn't sign his own artwork.
If anyone's wondering why I'm going on and on about this, it's because I applaud the NBA for making an unorthodox pick for one of their commercials and think they served their fans well by doing so. Considering so many fans are turned off by the attitudes, sense of entitlement, and perceived lack of appreciation for making ungodly amounts of money that's prevalent among so many players in the league, it's a brilliant move to highlight a guy who represents something entirely different. Seier explains...

"When I didn't sign my poster, because I wasn't counting on trading it, I felt kind of down because Mikki wouldn't even know who made it, let alone know why I even did it, which I never told you yet.
"Mikki has a unique story, in which he passed up half a million dollars to play in the D league just to become a better player (which I'm certain you already knew). He's a player that I hope to tell my kids about one day; a "blue collar" player, who most certainly paid his dues. Any fan of the game can appreciate that. That is just ONE of the reasons why I made the drawing over anyone else on the team. Again, Thanks Sam. I certainly appreciate it!

Mark Seier

p.s. Go Kings!


Center Brad Miller (lower leg strain, questionable)

My take: Brad is probably in that state of could-play-if-they-were-in-the-playoffs condition, but he may also be loving watching Spencer Hawes get some serious time. That being said, the Kings don't want to help their NorCal rival into the playoffs for a second straight year.
Best guess: he plays.

Point guard Beno Udrih (lower back strain, questionable)

My take: Beno told me himself that he was eyeing this game as a return, and I've heard nothing different since.
Best guess: he plays.

Swingman Francisco Garcia (turned ankle, not officially on the team's injury report)

My take: As Kings coach Reggie Theus always says, Garcia has 'cajones' like no other on this team, meaning...
Best guess: He'll play. - Sam Amick

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