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April 4, 2008
Nuggets up next

The season isn't over just yet and neither are the storylines. Especially not with Denver coming up next on Saturday in the Mile High City.
To review, in chronological order...

1) There was the build-up of Ron Artest trade talks between the Nuggets and Kings.
2) There was the deal breaker otherwise known as Linas Kleiza as the trade didn't go down.
3) There was the Nuggets sliding as the decision not to acquire Artest looked nothing short of boneheaded.
4) There was the Nugggets' resurgence that was largely tied to the improved play of forward Kenyon Martin.
5) There was Martin getting suspended for Saturday night's game against the Kings and threatening the Nuggets' playoff lives in this ridiculous Western Conference playoff race.
6) We shall see in a few days...

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