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April 24, 2008
Offseason goings on

Chuck Person was among the many items on my "things to watch" list for the Kings this offseason.
Apparently, he's on Donnie Walsh's list too.
The Kings assistant is reportedly being discussed as a potential part of the post-Isiah Thomas era in New York, where his longtime friend and new Knicks' basketball president is considering head coaching candidates to replace Zeke. Person is a head coaching candidate, but he could wind up on staff in a different capacity as well. For a quick review, Person has strong ties to Walsh from their Indiana days.
Person – who played six of his 13 seasons in Indiana – was hired as a Pacers special assistant in 2002. He split his time between conducting individual workouts with players and assisting Walsh, then the Pacers CEO, and team president Larry Bird in the front office before becoming an assistant. Last summer, Person interviewed for the head job that went to Jim O'Brien. He has a two-year contract with the Kings, although it's safe to say - in my estimation - that they wouldn't hesitate to give permission for Person to talk to Walsh.
Whether it's the subtraction of Person or a separate addition, there could very well be a new look on the coaching staff by next season. To review, this was Kings co-owner Joe Maloof speaking on March 30 about the organization's desire to bring in a big man's coach...

Maloof on the desire to bring in a big man's coach this summer to develop the young big men...

"What Gavin (Maloof) and I want to do and (Kings basketball president) Geoff (Petrie) is to try to bring a big man’s coach to help Spencer (Hawes) and Shelden (Williams). We’ve got to see what Shelden can do too. We’ve got a lot of hope for Shelden as well. But it’s hard for a first-year coach to get a grasp of what he needs to do as far as playing the vets and the young guys. It’s a tough situation for any coach.
"We need some help in the coaching area as far as our big men. We really need that to strengthen that part of our coaching staff. That’s what I think will be our first priority (in the offseason). When you have a 19-year-old kid who's seven foot and still growing, and you’ve got great vets like Brad (Miller) and Mikki (Moore) and a young kid like Shelden. There’s some talent there, but I think a big man’s coach who can really develop those two young players could really help."

And for sheer viewing pleasure, we have this...


It's been a good run of ads from the NBA in recent months, from the successful and fitting "Where Amazing Happens" commercials to the latest "There Can Only Be One" spots.
And as league exposure goes, it doesn't get much better than having your concept picked up by Time magazine and applied to the neck-and-neck race for the Democratic nomination in the presidential race...


Below is one of the many spots, but I noticed something different about this particular one with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. Watch Bryant's eyebrow at the end of the clip, and tell me that's not an intentional impersonation of Shaq. The big man has been doing that eyebrow raise for years as part of his comedic shtick, and Bryant is more than witty enough to have actually put some thought into mocking his old teammate and rival.


As if shooting 4 of 17 in two playoff games against Boston isn't bad enough, Atlanta point guard/former King Mike Bibby took a beating for his crazy comments in regards to the Celtics fans.
Amid all the attention paid to the matter, though, this story caught my eye more than most. Read it first, but there's a Kendrick Perkins element there that actually dates back to Bibby's final days with the Kings. In a Dec. 26 loss at Arco Arena, Perkins was the talk of the Kings locker room for the way in which he talked trash all night. The general consensus: he was an average player who suddenly chirped like an All-Star because he was surrounded by future Hall of Famers. I remember Kevin Martin making a comment to the folks on press row about how they found it laughable, a sentiment that was apparently shared by Bibby. - Sam Amick

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