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April 22, 2008
Sanity restored, in the end, by Marty Mac

Make that two newspaper writers now who have advised Kings coach Reggie Theus to stop talking while he was....really far behind.

Hopefully Marty Mac's column restores the sanity once and for all, since Jim Crandell's radio show on Saturday clearly did not. (Crandell-Amick-Theus Interview Part Iand Part II)

Theus has been doing a much more entertaining type of talking on ESPN as a guest analyst for "NBA 2Night" as well as some ESPN radio work. The former TNT and Lakers commentator already has one show in the books with the Worldwide Leader and is supposed to be on the next couple of nights. On its own, I'd say it's a good thing for the Kings franchise, since their national relevance continues to plummet and Theus can remind the masses that they exist while resting easy that there will be no Kevin Martin questions.

* Martin's hometown paper in Zanesville, Ohio has been weighing in on this whole matter from a distance. Story No. 1 has additional Martin comments made to writer Sam Blackburn, and story No. 2 is a column.

* In my Lakers piece on Sunday, the heavy focus was on how Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak saw his team's season that went from chaos to championship hopes. On Monday, Kobe Bryant weighed in on how he saw the history that's still in the making.

* Speaking of Kings folks who can't stay out of headlines, Ron Artest is his funny self in this Rocky Mountain News column. The writer ran into him at LAX coming back from the Lakers-Nuggets game and got him chatting about the deal with Denver that didn't go down.

* A Bee poll from a couple of days ago gave some Kings fans a chance to weigh in on the question of who should be winning games late.

Who would you want to take the last shot with a Kings' game on the line?
Ron Artest, 13 percent
Kevin Martin, 87 percent
Total Votes: 196

* And to end all of this for good by starting with the beginning, this whole thing could have been avoided if not for this interview that left tire tracks on my head and was the worst example of in-house media spin control/slandering I've ever heard between Theus and Grant Napear.

-Sam Amick

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