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April 14, 2008
Super Kobe

LOS ANGELES - Of course he could have done it.
Kobe Bryant can do almost anything he puts his mind to when it comes to physical feats, but the notion that he would actually jump over a speeding Aston Martin just to grow Nike's brand is about as believable as the idea that Barack Obama is a good bowler. Nonetheless, it's a great spot that fooled millions of fans.
At Lakers practice today, my local sources confirmed that the commercial was fake. The jump is real, having taken place on the rooftop of the Los Angeles athletic club. But the car wasn't even on site, to be added later by way of computer mumbo jumbo. No, Kobe has way to much to lose by messing around with car hopping, from the MVP he's about to win to the West crown that is only one game away and a possible return to the top of the league. Such a stunt would be insane in every way...

- Sam Amick

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