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April 4, 2008
Weekly Web Watch (The Superfan edition)

Let's get right to it, with a small sampling of the funny and phenomenal from around the association this week...


It never gets old hearing from hoops fans who simply love their teams, and it's even better when you come across people who take it to the next level of fanhood. A few months ago, it was Drew Cieszynski sharing his tour of all the NBA arenas. Then a few a weeks ago, I met another superfan in Mark Seier.
He and his girlfriend were at the Kings game in Memphis on March 26, and I noticed Mark wearing a Ron Artest jersey. I said hello mainly out of sympathy, as Artest wasn't going to play that night and I wondered how far this poor couple had come to see the player who wouldn't be suiting up. As it turns out, they'd made the 550-mile trek from Davenport, Iowa. It was worth it, though, as they went home more than happy.
Seier, you see, is quite the artist, and he had drawn a sketch of Mikki Moore. Sure enough, Moore - who is as good with fans as any player I've seen in the league - stopped to chat with Mark and was floored by the drawing. Next thing you know, Moore's going home with the drawing. He didn't want to be the selfish sort, though, so he gave Seier a pair of autographed shoes. And it doesn't stop there.
Moore told me last night that he's thinking about having Seier come to his brother's house in South Carolina to paint murals in his studio. Make no mistake folks, this stuff doesn't happen all that often.
"I'm just a normal guy man," Moore said. "I keep trying to tell you guys. Just because I make millions of dollars doesn't mean I'm not a normal guy."
Anyhow, this relates to Web-Watch, in the technical sense, because Seier e-mailed me pics of the materials exchanged. Here they are...




* Not that Mikki is the only big man in the league who slows down to mingle with the fans. Heck, Shaquille O'Neal hitched a ride to his car with some Phoenix fans recently. Check it out here.

* And not that we didn't already know that Mikki is a different dude in many ways, from his way with the fans to his penchant for reptiles...

* And speaking of snakes, KingsTV's Angela Tsai had a feature on Reggie Theus speeches that somehow became its own reptilian discussion. As a tip for you YouTube nation citizens, do a search for Tsai's name on the site if you're ever starving for Kings video content.

* Last but not least but certainly not relating to Web Watch in any way, Reggie Theus had the line of the year last night while arguing on Mikki Moore's behalf. After his forward seemed to have taken a charge but was whistled for the block, Theus shook his head at official Kevin Fehr and said, "Kevin, that's the only time Mikki has been right all year."


The old adage about how any kind of press is good press has some truth to it, so Grant Napear should be flattered that some of the Kings' most well-known fans gathered to celebrate his infamy.
This is a new kind of press in the online world, where Tom Ziller of Sactownroyalty started a hilarious movement in Grant's name by making a t-shirt with his mug and the nickname I hadn't heard until this of 'Peaches.' One of the goals for Ziller and his followers was to get their grass roots operation to the big-time, and they did just that at last night's Clippers game when the t-shirt was captured on the telecast (without the nickname, however). See kids, dreams really do come true...


* Speaking of bloggers, the story of Dallas owner Mark Cuban banning bloggers from his team's locker room may have ended a while ago when the league pulled the trump card. Nonetheless, Cuban makes some excellent points in his response to the situation on his personal blog. - Sam Amick

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