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April 11, 2008
Weekly Web Watch (E-Muss' blog, Team Dime and more...)

Tipoff isn't too far away and I"m on the run, but there are a few quality nuggets to share here...


Our own Ailene Voisin found Eric Musselman's blog a while back but asked that I refrain from revealing it so she could turn it into a story. Alas, the hard-working blogosphere folks dug it up this week and the secret is out.
But man, what a priceless find. Organized or OCD? Impressive or insane? Well-done or just a little too wacky? You decide.
One thing I can relate to is this: When you have a blog people tend to have some natural apprehension about winding up as blog fodder, as I can't tell you how many times people these days throw out qualifiers like, "Now I don't want to see this on the blog, but..." That being said, I'd be afraid to have lunch with Musselman lest the whole world know. What's more, a little birdie tells me that Musselman's blog actually hurt his chances at getting the USF job that remains open.


The Wall Street Journal did a great piece on the Economics of Entourages. The piece includes some great stuff from the Kings' own Ron Artest and former Kings point guard Mike Bibby, whose "Team Dime" group is no stranger to Sacramento.


Watch this clip of Tennessee-star/newest No. 1 draft pick of the WNBA Candace Parker being selected by the Los Angeles Storm on Wednesday, and look for the recognizable face...Clip here.

That's right. None other than Kings forward Shelden Williams, who has been dating Parker for some time now. Williams made the trip to Tampa, Fla. for the event after pitching in eight points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes at Golden State on Tuesday night.


The backstory is at the bottom of this blog post as well as this one, and the latest development is this...

None other than Spencer Hawes was seen at this morning's shoot-a-round donning one of the Grant "Peaches" Napear t-shirts that the Kings media man wishes would just go away. Not sure if that's in accordance with the league's dress code, but it got a laugh out of a few Kings folks nonetheless.

MP the MVP...for a night

Golden State's Mickael Pietrus had quite a return from injury to face the Kings on Tuesday night, providing a late spark with the sort of athleticism that he wishes he could use elsewhere.
In terms of back-to-back blocks, you won't see many as good as these (tip courtesy of

On Shelden Williams with 9:18 left in the fourth...

On Kevin Martin with 7:47 left...


Bee columist Ailene Voisin has joined the blogging family, and her musings can be found here. - Sam Amick

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